New and Classic Japan Blue Denim, Now in High Tapered

Japan Blue's newest fit, the High Tapered, has received a ton of love since we brought it on a little over a month ago with our collaboration the JBO-630. We are happy to announce two new additions to the High Tapered series. The Model 0625 is a 13.5oz Sulphur Dyed Indigo/Indigo (pictured above) and is a brand new fabric for Japan Blue and only being released in the High Taper fit. The sulphur dye allows the denim to maintain it's original color for a substantially longer period of time, giving you a clean-uniform look. Alongside the Indigo/Indigo comes Japan Blue's signature 14.8oz Vintage fabric - Model 0601. Check out the details below.

Japan Blue 13.5oz Sulphur Dyed Selvedge in Indigo/Indigo - High Tapered Model JB0625. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. Sizes 28-34, 36, 38. $200. For more information, click here.

Japan Blue 14.8oz Vintage Selvedge in Indigo - High Tapered Model JB0601. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. Sizes 28-34, 36, 38. $200. For more information, click here.

Japan Blue's 13.5oz Sulphur Dyed Indigo/Indigo is a beautifully vibrant blue color that will maintain it's color throughout the life of the jeans. The double sulphur dye prevents the denim from fading quickly.  There will be fading, but the fading is subtle still keeps a blue.  The cotton is not rope dyed, but rather cheese dyed.  "Cheese Dying" is a Japanese term for the cotton dying method where the yarn is bunched together in a brick that looks like a block of cheese, then submerged in dye.  The result being the dye will penetrate the yarn deeper than with rope dying and thus the fabric that will maintain the color longer and resist fading.

The High Tapered fit from Japan Blue provides more room in the top block than it's "Tapered" counterpart, with a touch higher rise, and substantially more room in the thighs, all while maintaining a strong taper from the upper thigh down to the leg opening.

Indigo dyed cowhide leather patch from Tanner Goods of Portland, OR.

Traditional 5-pocket style from Japan Blue.

Traditional 5-button fly closure with geometrical pocket bags on the interior of the jeans.

Custom branded brass hardware found throughout the denim.

Minimalist white selvedge ID.