Brand Spotlight: wings + horns

Just three hours north of Seattle lies the headquarters of perhaps one of our favorite menswear brands to come out of Canada in the last 10 years. The brand has been creating contemporary menswear pieces with unique and innovative fabrics since their inception, and has garnered a cult following for their attention to detail and consistency. Originally called “Spruce” and later revised to “wings + horns,” (all lowercase) the brand has been producing high-quality garments in Vancouver ever since a trip to Japan in 2004. The brand has since continued to draw inspiration from the culture and fashion of Japan, which in turn, has created a sizable fan-base outside of just North America.

While the brand draws much of it’s inspiration from Japan, wings + horns is adamant about being a Canadian brand first and foremost. This core belief lends itself to many of the garments the company has produced in their 10 years of being in business. Heavy jackets, chunky knits, wings + horns specializes in pieces built to withstand harsher climates and colder weather. No, they are not emblazoned with Canadian symbols or imagery, like some of the brands coming out of Canada. Instead, wings + horns prefers a more minimalist approach in design, and lets the louder fabrics do the majority of the talking for the brand instead.

Owned and operated by Vancouver’s CYC Corporation, the brand has been given the rare opportunity to hold complete control over the entire creative and production process behind their items, thanks in part to owning their own factory in downtown Vancouver. This factory is home to the production of not only wings + horns, and sister brand Reigning Champ, but numerous private clients and fashion labels in and around the area. This factory has allowed wings + horns to develop a number of signature fabrics for the brand, including their famous 1x1 Slub, Tiger Fleece (now a property of Reigning Champ), Cabin Fleece, and aptly named Spruce shirts.

The brand began to gain attention and notoriety later into their life thanks to a number of high profile collaborations. Viberg, Canada Goose, Danner, and New Balance have all partnered with wings + horns to create internet-breaking pieces in the past, and while the company insists they will be doing fewer collaborations in the future to allow for more time on their own collections, they recently released a special project with Adidas to critical acclaim. Much of this has been the brainchild of Tung Vo, the current Creative Director of CYC Corporation, wings + horns and Reigning Champ, who joined the company after designing for outdoor brand Arc’teryx in 2012.

The fall/winter 2015 line brings us rugged, outdoor-ready gear, most of which was inspired by outer-space in some way, shape or form. The epitome of this inspiration can be seen in their upcoming collaboration piece with Byborre, which turns fabric from space suits into a sleek bomber jacket. Check out the wings + horns designer tab for more information, including the newest batch of products from the fall/winter 2015 collection.