Brand Spotlight: Japan Blue

Over the past 5 years, Japan Blue has quietly become a household name amongst the denim community thanks in part to the same reasons that make their older brother, Momotaro, get such critical acclaim; quality fabrics and beautiful vintage craftsmanship. Where Japan Blue differs from Momotaro however, is their willingness to use more experimental fabrics (such as their popular “Monster” series) and modern fits, and wrap it all together into a more accessible price-point. This approach has garnered a devoted following from new and long-term denim fans alike.

Japan Blue Jeans serves as one of the sub-divisions of the larger, parent-company, Japan Blue Group. This conglomerate is made-up of 4 distinct divisions; the denim and fabric house, Collect Co., the dye house, Rampuya, and lastly, the Momotaro and Japan Blue brands. As part of the Japan Blue Group, Japan Blue Jeans has full control over the process behind their products, from conception to production, giving the brand an unparalleled amount of creative freedom over all aspects of the denim. 

Japan Blue’s empirical approach goes beyond just standard denim, and has spawned a number of beautiful shirting options, as well as shorts, chinos, and even patchwork teddy bears during the holiday season. The brand has also gained attention for their popular collaboration pieces that often push the boundaries of what raw denim is today. Heavy fabrics, irregular weaves, and twisted yarns have all made an appearance on a Japan Blue product at some point in the brand’s 5 year lifespan, and that doesn't even include what the brand has planned for the coming years. Safe to say, it’ll be exciting to see what Japan Blue Jeans comes up with next. 

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