Get to Know Fremont: Jive Time Records

For our latest installment in our ongoing "Get to Know Fremont" series, we head across the street from our showroom to Jive Time Records, a small-time neighborhood record store with a big-time following. Jive Time has been in business since 2003 and specializes in a well-curated selection of old and new records spanning all kinds of genres.

The selection at Jive Time Records features new and used items, with new offerings added daily. The store features a "New Arrivals" section on the inside, which is where many collectors find the in-demand items they've been looking for. Make sure to dig through the section early because items can go fast!

Just outside of the storefront sits a number of "bargain bins" where collectors can find great deals and rare items at bargain prices. These bins often feature items as low as $1 per record and often contain extremely unique and adventurous styles of music.

The inside of Jive Time is clean, colorful, and well organized, with friendly staff who are always willing to talk about music or make suggestions. While the shop itself is much smaller than many of the record stores in Seattle, Jive Time does a fantastic job of packing their space to the brim with quality items and a mix of different genres.

Outside of records, Jive Time stocks an impressive selection of vintage CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, and record accessories like plastic sleeves, and brushes to adequately care for your collection. They also carry a number of unique items like store merchandise, pins, and pinball machines.

If you're still not finding exactly what you're looking for, head across the street down to their Clearance Annex, where another 20,000 records await you. This is primarily where Jive Time places their clearance items, with most items hovering around the single digits in price.