The History of Reigning Champ

Quality knitwear has long been a fundamental of the fashion industry. Because of this, it has become progressively harder and harder to stand out in a sea of brands who specialize in knitwear garments, which makes the success story behind Canadian label Reigning Champ all the more special. Since 2007, Reigning Champ has been producing sportswear staples with an emphasis on sustainability and longevity. 

Founded by CYC Design Corporation founder Craig Atkinson, the label originally started inside the company’s Vancouver factory, where they would produce knits for a number of high-profile private labels. Upon recognizing the demand for quality knitwear, and a shift in consumer preferences towards handmade goods, Atkinson sought to expand his corporation’s reach to include a dedicated sportswear company, for which the idea behind Reigning Champ was born. Fresh off the heels of the success of Reigning Champ’s sister brand, wings+horns, Atkinson turned to Kenta Goto to helm the design team on the company’s first seasons and beyond. Goto developed a number of unique fabrics based around athletic silhouettes that perfectly captured the brand’s image. 

Since their inception, Reigning Champ has continued to expand their offerings, which now go well beyond just quality knitwear and into shell and nylon based pieces. While Goto insists that Reigning Champ’s timeless garments do not follow trends or seasons in the traditional fashion sense, each season sees a number of new colors or fabrics from the brand in an attempt to keep things fresh. Beyond their core products, Reigning Champ has also done a number of high-profile collaborations with stores, labels, and most recently, the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer. These collaborations have helped contribute to the worldwide recognition Reigning Champ has received over the past few years.

The brand has become an instant favorite amongst our customers and employees alike since adding it to our offerings this time last year. For more information on Reigning Champ and a list of the brand’s products, click here.