Know Your Wefts

As we get closer and closer to Summer, the desire to branch out from standard indigos and blacks only becomes stronger. Fortunately, we've seen a major influx in unique wefts make it into our shop over the past few months, in a range of styles, from a range of brands. Here, we've collected a number of our favorite pieces designed to help inject a little bit of color into your wardrobe this Summer and beyond.

One of Naked & Famous' most innovative fabrics to date (and that's saying a lot) is without a doubt the Twisted Candy Weft. This beautiful fabric uses multicolor yarns that are twisted and woven together to create a palette of colors that is surprisingly subtle from a distance. The yarns sit beneath a medium shade of indigo, and with age, poke through the surface of the fabric creating a unique slubby and colorful texture.

The Deep Indigo Brown Weft from Momotaro is a sanforized 15oz denim that features a deep indigo warp and a contrasting brown weft. Unlike other takes on indigo/brown, Momotaro's brown weft is made from a higher-contrast dye, giving it a more vibrant color that is visible through the surface of the fabric from day one. As the denim ages, the fabric becomes a dirty brown color that stands out in a sea of indigo jeans without looking too loud.

Using the same yarn twisting and weaving style as the Twisted Candy Weft, the Indigo x Copper Twist takes a traditional white weft and twists copper shavings into the fabric, creating an extremely unique fabric that has a metallic shine on the surface. Up-close, the shine of this fabric is very evident, whereas it is entirely unnoticeable from a distance. As this fabric is worn-in, the metallic shine of the copper is said to only become more evident, making this wild pair of jeans an extremely fun and unique option for Summer.

This 13oz denim from Momotaro became an instant shop favorite from the day it was introduced. The Cobalt Blue Weft features a vibrantly blue colored weft against a deep indigo warp. As the denim ages, the weft begins to poke through the surface progressively more and more, until the denim itself is a vibrant blue color. The contrast of the weft on this particular denim makes it the perfect way to inject more color into your wardrobe without having to commit to anything too drastic or loud.

Perhaps one of the most uniquely colored wefts we've seen in our shop isn't actually a colored weft at all, in the true sense of the term. The Rogue Territory Over Dye takes Rogue Territory's original 14.5oz fabric, and submerges it into a vat of indigo, creating this beautiful, limited edition pair of jeans. Because each pair is individually dipped, no two pairs are alike. The original white weft picks up the majority of the indigo color and comes out as a dynamic blue, whereas the original indigo warp becomes even darker, creating a beautiful contrast and an extremely unique pattern of wear. As this fabric ages, the layers of indigo will rub off revealing the original color of the yarn, with the warp becoming a more electric blue color and the weft more white. The indigo dip also gives the fabric an extremely soft feel from the start, making this a comfortable darker denim option for the Summer time.

The highly-anticipated sequel to Naked & Famous' original Pomegranate fabric, the Pomegranate x Brown, features warp yarns dyed with real pomegranate tannin and an updated brown weft. The brown weft on this denim helps bring the vibrant red pomegranate color down to earth, making for a unique red color that is substantially more muted than the original Pomegranate fabric, and thus, slightly more wearable year-round. As the denim ages, the pomegranate dye from the warp yarns will rub off to reveal their original white color, alongside brown hues from the weft. Oh and no, the fabric does not smell like pomegranate!

The second fruit dye on our list brings us to one of Naked & Famous' most ambitious fabrics to date, the Natural Indigo x Kakishibu. This denim features warp yarns dyed in real natural indigo, and a weft dyed with Japanese persimmon fruit tannin, otherwise known as Kakishibu dye. The Kakishibu dye gives the fabric a beautiful brown weft that contrasts extremely well against the natural indigo seen on the warp. As the denim ages, the indigo will rub off revealing a dirtier, brownish tint to the denim.

Japan Blue's Military Monster is the army-green version of their original 16.5oz Monster fabric. The fabric maintains the irregular slubby texture of the original, but now boasts a military-green weft and a slightly darker shade of indigo throughout the jeans. Japan Blue's Monster fabric is widely known as one of the best fading fabrics on the market today, aging to a beautiful vintage blue color in a surprisingly fast amount of time.