Japan Blue x Blue Owl Workshop Broken Twill Deep Blue "Monster" Fade Update!

Here's a quick update on a pair of the Broken Twill Deep Blue "Monster" from our office. While these are far from retired, we were amazed by just how much these have aged in such a short amount of time. Over the past 4 months, Jay has worn these nearly everyday, while walking roughly 10 miles a day between his commute to and from the office. During the 4 months of wear, these jeans have seen 2 full washes. Check out the images below and for more information on the Broken Twill Deep Blue "Monster," click on the link above.

Japan Blue x Blue Owl Workshop
16.5oz Broken Twill Deep Blue "Monster"
4 Months | 2 Washes

Front side.

Back side.

Notice how much the leather patch has changed in such a short amount of time.

Jay switches his phone between both pockets, as evident by the outline on both sides.

Visibly defined creases behind the knees, formed from walking large amounts at an intense pace.

One thing we love about the Deep Blue Monster series is the level of contrast we've seen amongst the fabrics. As you can see here, the fabric, which starts out as a deep dark Indigo/Black (seen along the waistband), gradually changes to a very vibrant, high-contrast blue, which will become even more apparent over time.

Notice how much the broken twill becomes visible with wear, as does the vertical fading.

Lots of wear on both knees.

Substantially beat up cuffs.