Brand Spotlight: Vermilyea Pelle

Roughly 150 miles east of Seattle sits the Central Washington town of Wenatchee, WA. The city, primarily known for it’s abundant apple orchards and horses, is where Dustin Spencer, the founder and craftsman behind Vermilyea Pelle, first fell in love with leather working. At the early age of four years old, Dustin would spend time at his Grandfather’s horse tack room, where he’d dig through old boxes of saddles, headstalls, and boots, taking them apart and trying to understand how to put them back together again. Eventually, Dustin was able to start practicing with leather of his own, until he was able to craft belts, wallets, and boots, for himself and friends.

Dustin originally began his career as a cobbler, where he practiced his trade for 12 years, while creating boots for Nicks Boots and Rancourt & Co. During this time, he was able to form a number of relationships within the famous Horween Leathers tannery of Chicago, that allowed him access to high quality leather for his own use. In 2008, his dream and passion was realized when he founded Vermilyea Pelle. The name was created as an homage to his family name (Vermilyea) and the Italian word for leather (Pelle). 

The products from Vermilyea Pelle all seem to harness the feeling of vintage, authentic goods, thanks to Dustin’s impeccable craftsmanship and time-honored techniques. Many of Dustin’s products, like his beautiful eponymous belt “The Dustin Belt,” use techniques such as hand-staining and waxing that are often over-looked by many larger belt companies in today’s market. His belts feature unique one piece buckles or hand-stained roller buckles alongside his trademark interior rivet style, which was developed to prevent damage from open rivets. Dustin’s wallets feature a distinctly minimalist design, alongside his trademark branded tree, which symbolizes the lineage of his family.

The products from Vermilyea Pelle are truly one of a kind and we look forward to seeing what Dustin has in store for the future. For more information on Vermilyea Pelle and a list of the brand’s products, click here.