Deep Blue Monster Contest Winners!

It's that time! After 8 months of hard work/wear, we here at Blue Owl Workshop, are pleased to finally announce the winners and results of the Japan Blue x Blue Owl 16.5oz Unsanforized Deep Blue "Monster" fade contest.

First and foremost, we were blown away by not only the amount of people who participated in this contest, but the sheer quality of wear nearly everyone put into their jeans. Even through the middle of Summer, some participants wore their jeans from day one of the contest, till the very final moment. Now that's dedication!

Once again, it wasn't easy to pick a winner. The contest was filled with incredible examples of how Japan Blue's "Monster" fabric ages. After some deliberation, we were finally able to narrow down a 1st and 2nd place submission. Because the contest was so close, we decided to throw in a number of honorable mentions that will all be receiving a small prize as well.

Thank you all for participating in our first ever fade contest. Check out the results below!

1st Place (300 BOW POINTS): Chris Price (@chrisp_denim) 8 Months | 2 Washes | 2 Soaks
Our top submission comes from Chris in Orlando, FL. Chris started wearing his JBO-410s upon release and continued to wear them roughly 4-5 days a week throughout the next 8 months. The obvious detail that stands out on the jeans here are the creases formed behind the knees (honeycombs), which as Chris tells us, are largely because he spends a great deal of time on his knees at work. Alongside the amazing combs, this pair of jeans from Chris really shows off the potential of Japan Blue's "Monster" fabric, and just how beautiful the texture can look over time. The jeans pictured below have 2 soaks and 2 washes. Congratulations, Chris!

2nd Place (100 BOW POINTS): Kevin Severs (@salsa_z5) 7 Months | 5 Washes
Our runner-up comes from our friend Kevin, who picked up his jeans in August and wore them everyday up until the end of the contest. Kevin was extremely active in his jeans, biking over 10 miles a day, and walking roughly 6 miles at his job in a warehouse. Because of the intensity of wear, these jeans have seen a number of repairs already. These jeans display and extremely well-rounded and evenly faded example of Japan Blue's "Monster" fabric. Congratulations, Kevin!

Honorable Mentions (50 BOW POINTS)
Eric Schwantes (@ericschwantes)

Jon Depped (@jondepped)

Bernard Girman III (@bgirman3)

Once again, thanks to everyone for participating. We hope you enjoyed keeping up with the Deep Blue "Monster" contest as much as we did. And just because this contest is over, doesn't mean you have to stop wearing your jeans. Keep posting updates with the #DEEPBLUEMONSTER tag on Instagram so that we can follow along with future progress. Until next time!