Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Trench Chukka

Our second new style from Oak Street Bootmakers this Spring is the Natural Trench Chukka! This shoe is built on the Elston last, same as their Trench Boot, which gives it an exceptional fit and stylish shape. The lower design makes the Chukka easier to get on, and the leather sole makes the whole shoe more sleek and streamlined.

Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Trench Chukka. Horween Chromexcel leather, made in USA. Sizes 8-11.5. $416. For more information, click here.

Oak Street has always astounded us with their impeccable construction. Every stitch is exactly where it should be, and the materials they use are among the best.

The Chukka is essentially the same as Oak Street's Trench Boot, but with a lower shaft. The 5 eyelet design makes it easier to put on, and slightly dressier than the boot version.

The Elston last is Oak Street's most popular, and for good reason. The shape is both slim and stylish while retaining its functionality and comfort.

The Chukka comes with oiled Weatherlock leather soles, slimming the silhouette of the shoe even more agains the shape of the boot.