Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill Denim Jacket

The first denim jacket from Naked & Famous is now available at Blue Owl! The jacket uses their Left Hand Twill fabric, and makes small modifications to the classic Type-3 design. Its the best price point we've seen for a raw denim jacket, making it perfect for those looking to get into the game.

Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill Denim Jacket. 100% cotton, made in Canada. Sizes S-XL. $180. For more information, click here.

The chest pockets have button flap closures, and the standard Type-3 slimming details.

All buttons are custom branded.

The cuff is slim, with a single button closure.

Naked & Famous' Left Hand Twill fabric is one of their staples. Because of the way the fibers of the cotton align in Left Hand Twill, it will start very stiff but soften quickly and fade well.

The inside of the jacket features a Naked & Famous branded leather patch.

Selvedge runs along the inside of the placket on both sides of the jacket.