Spellbound Spring: New Gingham Shirt, Navy Hoodie, Restocks on Natural Indigo Flannel

Our Spring shipment from Spellbound has arrived and is online now! We have two new items for this season, a lightweight cotton button down using Spellbound's Original Gingham fabric, and a new Navy version of their ever popular Loopwheel Hoodie. In addition, we've restocked all sizes on one of their best shirts to date, the Natural Indigo Yarn Dyed Flannel, and we now have size 5 available in the standard grey version of the Loopwheel Hoodie! Check out all the details below.

Spellbound Indigo Dyed Original Gingham Check Button Down. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes 2-4. $215. For more information, click here.

The new Gingham Button Down features their classic oxford shirt style with a button down collar and a single drop in chest pocket with no button.

The placket replicates vintage workshirt style of a pullover/button up, and has a tonal button at the bottom.

The fabric is very light weight and breathable, and almost feels like a linen because of the unique weave. The blue threads are indigo yarn dyed.

The vent features chainstitch runoff from the double needle seam.

The back of the shirt features a box pleat to slim the upper body. This shirt fits longer and slimmer than most other Spellbound shirts.

Spellbound Loopwheel Hoodie in Navy. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes 2-5. $245. For more information, click here.

Spellbound's hoodie uses a double lined hood for comfort and durability.

The yoke is reinforced with another layer of knit.

The hoodie pulls are a clean woven lace with metal tips. They are sewn into the hood at the top so that they cannot be pulled entirely out of the hood.

The hoodie uses a metal two-way zipper.

Front hand pockets are flatlock stitched.

Cuffs and hem are ribbed.

Loopwheel fabric is unique because it is woven on machines hanging from the ceiling, creating a unique tension on the fabric that makes it retain its shape much better than most knits.

Spellbound Natural Indigo Yarn Dyed Selvedge Flannel. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes 2-4. $225. For more information click here.

The fabric on this flannel has a unique color due to the dye, and we see it changing with wear much like a denim would. Now fully restocked and online!

Spellbound FW14 Loopwheel Hoodie in Grey. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes 2-5. $235. For more information click here.

Standard grey version of the Loopwheel Hoodie is now available in size 5!