Introducing Naked & Famous Made in Japan Denim

We are excited to introduce the highly anticipated Naked & Famous Made in Japan Loomstate Tenpi 15.7oz Selvedge Denim. This 15.7oz denim was made in an artisanal studio mill, which produces small batch specialized denim. This is a very limited production of only 300 pairs, 110 of which have arrived here at Blue Owl! The new denim comes in a fit similar to the Weird Guy, with a medium rise, roomier thighs, and a taper from the knee down.

Naked & Famous Made in Japan Loomstate Tenpi 15.7oz Selvedge Denim. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes 28-34, 36, 38. $275. For more information, click here.

To preserve the natural beauty of the fabric, mechanical finishing processes such as sanforizing, singing, and anti-skewing have been avoided. Instead, a special Tenpi wash treatment was used to preshrink the fabric, and still preserve the natural rigidness and texture of the fabric. Tenpi is a secretive practice that involves cold dipping the unsanforized fabric and letting it dry in the sun. This keeps the starch in tact, creates a unique wrinkled texture, and takes the shrinkage out of the fabric.

Thick natural vegetable tanner leather patch, with redesigned Naked & Famous artwork by famed comic book artist Alvin Lee.

Small maple leaf embroidery on back right pocket.

Raised belt loops and copper rivets.

Custom MIJ branded 100% iron buttons.

"Naked & Famous Denim" tag written in Japanese katakana.

Button fly selvedge, hidden back pocket rivets.

Pink and white selvedge line. Union Special chain stitched hems.