New Momotaro Womens Denim "Going to Battle" 15.7oz Tight Straight - Model 7005SP

An updated version of the women's "Going to Battle" denim just arrived. They use Momotaro's Tight Tapered women's fit, which is form fitting and slim in the top block, with a slightly relaxed leg opening. We love that Momotaro's women's denim offers all the same details as their men's line. The stripes are now white instead of the pink. Check them out below.

Momotaro "Going to Battle" 15.7oz "Tight Straight" Raw Selvedge Women's Denim - Model 7005SP
100% Zimbabwe cotton, made in Japan. Sizes 24-30. $285. For more information, click here.

The deer hide leather patch is identical to the patch used on its brother, the 0705SP.

The painted battle stripes are white in this iteration. The fabric is a 15.7oz unsanforized selvedge which is made of 100% Zimbabwe cotton and rope dyed. Like the other denim, it has been washed one time using sea water from Okayama coast, meaning it is already shrunk down and further shrinkage will be minimal.

All the standard Momotaro details are there: Custom rivets, buttons, coin pocket selvedge.

The 7005SP features the pink inseam and a Momotaro's classic pink selvedge.