Momotaro Restocks: Green Tea Dyed Shirt, Natural Indigo Dyed Cardigan, Going to Battle Denim Shirt

We've just received restocks of a couple of the best Momotaro items from this past season. The amazing Green Tea Dye shirt and Natural Indigo Cardigan are among the best we've ever seen from them, so good that we pulled all their stock in their stores across Japan to be shipped to us! We've also got restocks on the Going to Battle Denim Shirt, which is the first of their shirts that works well on tall guys. Check out the details on the pieces below!

Momotaro 5oz Selvedge Green Tea Dye Chambray Work Shirt - Model MS033T. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes 36-44. $225. For more information, click here.

This macro shot on the fabric reveals the indigo base of the shirt, but you can see the subtle green tea dye in both the white and blue threads.

Momotaro's shirting uses triple needle construction along all the major seams, creating both a durable shirt and a rugged look.

The shirt comes with a green tea bag from leaves grown in Momotaro's home, Okayama Prefecture.

The shirt features selvedge along the side vents, and chain stitch runoff.

Momotaro Natural Indigo Loop Wheeled Shawl Cardigan. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes M, L, XL. $245. For more information, click here.

The natural indigo dye creates one of the richest blues we've seen. The color of this cardigan is what makes it stand out in the shop.

The loop-wheeled fabric is a detail we've come to expect from Japan-made sweaters, and this cardigan does not disappoint. The fabric is soft and comfortable, and will only become more so with wear.

Momotaro 8oz "Going To Battle" Denim Shirt - Model SJ091D. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes 36-44. $215. For more information, click here.

The collar of the shirt is single-button unlike most of their work shirt offerings. The 8oz weight of the shirt makes it feel between a shirt and a jacket, meaning its perfect for a fall over-shirt, and then layering in the winter.

The shirt uses 100% Zimbabwe cotton, and has been given one wash to soften the fabric. The Going to Battle Stripes are painted on before the wash, giving them a slightly faded look.

The cuff of the shirt is lined with pima cotton, an incredibly soft staple.

The shirt features triple stitch construction through the major seams, and chain stitch runoff at the vents. The signature pink selvedge peaks out on the vent.