Naked & Famous Mystery Grab Bag

Blue Owl Workshop is excited to announce the Naked & Famous Mystery Grab Bag, a unique combination 2-pack featuring all Naked & Famous denim in the shop. Select your preferred fit and size, and the team here at Blue Owl Workshop will randomly select two Naked & Famous denim from our current inventory, all for $195. Nothing is off limits. All 41 fabrics in our current inventory have the potential to be shipped, making the Naked & Famous Mystery Grab Bag guaranteed value for your dollar. Here are the details:

What you'll get:
  • 2 randomly selected Naked & Famous denims in your preferred fit and size.
  • Repeat customers are guaranteed to receive items not previously purchased.
  • No two denim combinations retail below $280, with the potential to be as high as $520.
  • 41 different Naked & Famous fabrics to potentially receive.
The fine print:
  • BOW points cannot be applied for this promotion, however they will be earned.
  • No hemming prior to shipment. Can be sent back for complimentary hemming service.
  • Online only.
  • No returns/exchanges. No exceptions.
  • Begins December 23rd, ends December 31st 5PM PST