Limited Edition Japan Blue Indigo Patchwork Teddy Bear

We've got a very special and very limited item from Japan Blue to show today. These Indigo Patchwork Teddy Bears are each one of a kind, unique pieces sewn from a variety of the fabrics that Japan Blue uses in their shirts, pants, and accessories. Only a few were produced, and we expect these will sell out quickly.

Japan Blue Indigo Patchwork Teddy Bear. Made in Japan. One size. $90. For more information, click here.

Each teddy bear is different, but they all include a small Japan Blue tag on their right arm.

Patches using various materials are sewn to the arms and body of the bear.

The bears have opposable arms and legs.

Here you can see the variety of fabrics used on a single bear. They are great showcases of the amazing fabrics Japan Blue has used over the years.