Denim Fades: BOM001 - 2 years of daily wear with 6 washes

Today we are featuring a faded pair of BOM001, which was our very first collaboration with the Japanese label Momotaro. In fact, this was the original sample pair, worn by Kevin here at Blue Owl Workshop. The fabric on the BOM001 is the same as the Momotaro Vintage label 0701 and 0201 models, the only difference for this collaboration being that we tweaked the fit, gave it black stitching and black battle stripes.

These have had approximately 2 years of daily wear and 6 washes and saw a pretty active lifestyle through a lot of hiking, camping, skating and loads of walking. There have been a couple of crotch repairs done via home remedies and our friends at Railcar Fine Goods, and are on their way back for a second round of repairs.

As you can see, the indigo Momotaro uses for their Vintage label series starts off extremely dark. The Zimbabwe cotton retains the dye very well, taking a little longer to show fading than other denim, but adds more character as it brings out a lot of different hues of indigo as the denim wears down.

Here you can see some rusting and aging on the Buttons.

The Copper rivet has oxidized and stained the pocket bag a blue-green color after the years of wear.

Here you can see the "train tracks" faded outline of the selvedge outseam, as well as the front side of the honeycombs.

Fades made by the denim stacking over time.

The black leather patch wrinkled and softened considerably.

Roping produced by the chain stitch used.

Crotch blowout repairs from Railcar Fine Goods and home repairs.

Before and after shots of the rivets and how they have aged.

Compared to the BOM002 which is the same fabric and fit but different stitching and no battle stripes.

Fit Shots: