Eternal Indigo Rope Dyed Shawl Cardigan and Cowichan Cable Knit Lined Caridgan

Our final two pieces from Eternal's new collection are two shawl cardigans that each have some amazing details. The first is an indigo rope dyed piece, the first rope dyed knit that we've had in store. The color variation created by the rope dyeing is like nothing we've ever seen. The second is a heavy, bulky, cable knit piece that is lined with lightweight cotton to give a hefty sweater that is comfortable to wear and easy to put on.

Eternal Indigo Rope Dyed Shawl Cardigan. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes M, L, LL. $450. For more information, click here.

The rope dyed yarn in the sweater creates a beautiful variation in color throughout the cardigan.

Large, vintage, basket-weave wooden buttons adorn the front closure.

The cardigan uses three different knits: one for the sleeves and sides, one for the center of the back and middle stripe of the front, and one for the shawl collar and front placket.

Eternal Cowichan Cable Knit Lined Cardigan. 100% wool outer, 100% cotton lining, made in Nepal. Sizes M, L, LL. $295. For more information, click here.

The cardigan uses a design inspired by Cowichan cable knitting.

Large anchor printed buttons are used for the front of the piece. The black and grey yarn is thick and beefy.

The sleeves and cuffs of the cardigan are ribbed. Both the body and sleeves are lined on the inside to make wearing comfortable, and layering easy.