Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" Elephant 4 22oz

Weird Guy Elephants are now available online! This new denim is a monster at 22oz, the yarns are so thick you can count them while wearing it. The measurements on this denim are a little bit strange, so you will not order your normal weird guy size. Be sure to carefully check our measurements against a pair that you own. Because the denim is so thick, we aren't able to offer hemming on the Elephant #4, but the inseam is a good length for any guy.

Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" Elephant 4 22oz Selvedge Denim in Indigo/Black. 100% cotton, made in Canada. Sizes 28-38. $195. For more information, click here.

Here you can see the incredibly thick yarn used to weave the denim. The tonal stitching and black hardware made it an incredible indigo/black option.

The denim features hidden pocket selvedge and custom branded rivets. We're really looking forward to the fades on this denim, as such a heavy indigo/black has been rare until now.

The selvedge is a classic white with red accent.