Momotaro x Blue Owl "Heavy Deep Indigo" BOM009 Available Online 9/26

The long-awaited BOM009 has arrived at Blue Owl! We are finishing up pre-orders today, meaning that the jacket will be available for sale tomorrow morning. The new collaboration uses the same deep indigo dye as the BOM007, but at a burly 18oz weight, with a unique grey weft that Momotaro has never used before. The limited production of 30 jackets have already begun to go, so grab your jacket while they last.

Momotaro x Blue Owl "Heavy Deep Indigo" 18oz Type 2 Denim Jacket - Model BOM009. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Size 36-44. $395.

We predict that the grey weft will create deep fades that look almost like a black denim. The patch uses the clean and simple collaboration logo, which we preferred for a hidden detail like this.

The construction, like on all Momotaro, is top notch. The jacket uses tonal deep indigo stitching throughout, with the contrast pink on the under side of the front placket. No pink will show when the jacket is buttoned up, but the hidden details come out when anyone looks closer.

The pockets use a new lightweight chambray lining, but the Momotaro tab, pink stitching, and custom branded buttons are still there.

Pink selvedge runs up the entire length of the jacket on both sides of the placket.

The jacket uses 100% Zimbabwe cotton, making it very soft despite the stiff and heavy nature of the fabric.

All aspects of the Type 2 design remain on the new collaboration, including these slimming tabs at the back. We love the classic look of Momotaro's jacket, and didn't want to change a thing about it.