Blue Owl Collaborations Updates! Momotaro BOM008, Momotaro BOM009, Japan Blue JB0-400

The Momotaro x Blue Owl "Stealth Warrior 2" BOM008 is now going to be set with 2 production runs. The first run is coming much faster that expected and we will have 100 pairs in store 2nd week of July. This production is both tapered and skinny fit. Release date will be about July 11, so watch our site for details soon. The 2nd production run is scheduled for mid-August release. We are not accepting pre-orders for the first run, but after its release and sizes sell through, we will take names to reserve pairs for the 2nd run. The tapered fit will be available in sizes 28-38, skinny will be 28-36. This 18oz beast will go fast on the first run, but will guarantee everyone who misses out a pair from run number 2.

The Momotaro x Blue Owl BOM009 jacket is still on schedule and we are looking at a release date in late September. The new BOM009 uses the same deep indigo dye as the BOM007, but at a burly 18oz weight, with a unique grey weft that Momotaro has never used before. Only 30 jackets will be made on this collab.

Japan Blue Deep Indigo Monster is finally coming out of production. Patches are being sewn on now and they will be packaged and shipped out in the next couple weeks, release will be around July 30. This collab is 200 pairs of pure 16.5oz unsanforized slubby sexiness and available in tag sizes 28-38, tapered fit only.  BOM008 will be a super heavy 18oz sanforized indigo/black that has a smooth uniform texture, and the JB0-400 is the opposite extreme being a heavy 16.5oz unsanforized indigo/black that has a super slubby texture and a ton of character. Whether you prefer high slub and unsanforized, or the more refined look with the battle stripes, either of these two denim collabs will have you covered for a super dark indigo come fall. Be ready!