Japan Blue x Blue Owl 16.5oz "Deep Indigo Monster" Updates

Its been a while since the Deep Indigo Monster was announced, and now that April has passed we feel its due for an update. The bad news is that the JBO-400 has been pretty severely delayed because Tanner has been bogged down with orders. While the fabric has been finished and the jeans have entered production, Japan Blue is still waiting to receive the full batch of collaboration leather patches. We expect the production to finish near the middle of June, and the jean to be released near the beginning of July. The good news is that this is going to be an absolutely killer collaboration, and we've got another one in the works with Japan Blue that is along the same vein! Keep an eye out for details on this third collaboration in the coming months.

For those of you who want an refresh on the specs of the Deep Indigo Monster, its a 16.5oz Indigo/Black slubby unsanforized denim. 200 pairs are being produced, all in Japan Blue's tapered fit, with sizes up to size 38. If you want to check out the detail shots of the denim click here.