Introducing Vermilyea Pelle

Vermilyea Pelle (vur-MIL-yuh pel-le) is a leather goods brand that is founded on the hands of practiced craftsman, Dustin Spencer. Using machines pulled from history, and tools and techniques based in tradition, he produces a line of high-end, handmade, innovative products with sustainable old-world materials. Dustin became fascinated with traditionally made leather goods at age four in his grandfather's horse tack room. While with his grandfather, he would spend hours digging through boxes of used headstalls, looking at all the broken-in and broken down boots, dissecting the saddles and generally trying to understand how everything was put together.

The name comes Vermilyea Pelle from Dustin's family. His mother's family is from Italy. Her maiden name is Vermilyea, and Pelle is the Italian word for leather. Dustin's family tree on both sides has a long legacy of craftsman. Vermilyea Pelle is a way for him to honor his family, and the work is a continuation of his family’s craftsman heritage. The tree of his logo represents family roots and the bark used in the leather tanning process.

With his obsession surrounding high quality leather goods that last generations, Dustin spent a good part of his childhood and teenage years making small leather bags and moccasins. He worked as a cobbler for 12 years before starting his own brand, honing his techniques, experience and understanding of leather and the vintage machines used to form them. In 2008 Dustin started Vermilyea Pelle in Wenatchee, Washington, with just one vintage machine and a handfull of traditional tools in an effort to pool all his experience, knowledge and interest.

While Dustin built his shop he also built strong relationships with US companies who craft the raw materials from which his designs are inspired. From creating tanning recipes with the famous Horween Leathers out of Chicago or designing custom Shoes with Rancourt & Co out of Maine, Dustin builds partnerships based on respect for the heritage of the companies and a common interest in the techniques they use to make high quality goods. We at Blue Owl are delighted to work with a brand so devoted to quality craftsmanship and materials, even more when we can support an up and coming Northwest business. We will be introducing some exclusive horse hide and English bridle leather belts in mid June, and are looking at wallets and other pieces for the future. We are very excited to introduce Vermilyea Pelle to the Blue Owl collection for both the details and design of Dustin's work.