Introducing Railcar Fine Goods and Women's Raw Denim!

Blue Owl has long recommended Railcar Fine Goods for denim repairs because of the high quality work they do, and today we are happy to announce that we will begin carrying their denim in the Workshop! Founded in 2010, Railcar is a small private business based out of Los Angeles neighborhood Arcadia, California.

The founder, Steven Dang, is a raw denim expert today, but had his humble beginnings as a full time mechanic at the LA Metro. Before denim Dang's pastimes included building and repairing classic cars and motorcycles. Railcar began as another creative output for that meticulous craftsmanship, starting with just one simple sewing machine. Steven takes his mechanical expertise to his denim, often saying that he "builds" clothing, as opposed to creating it. To Steven every stitch and angle has a function, and with that function comes the beauty of fine garments.

His start at the Metro is the namesake for his brand: in the mornings Steven gets up early to work on his Railcar denim, and in the evenings he works long hours on his rail cars downtown. What makes Railcar Fine Goods truly unique is that every step of production is done in-house, in the same small 1000 sq. ft. shop, from cutting the denim to sewing the tags. Steven places immense value on tradition, craftsmanship, and quality, using only the best materials, and a collection of well maintained vintage machines. He takes pride in the fact that Railcar doesn't subcontract any part of the process: they are the builders every step of the way.

Steven is like any other raw denim enthusiast: he loves a nice pair of jeans that he can abuse, but only looks better as it gets worn. He builds his jeans to have strength but also style. Railcar uses great details like hidden pocket rivets, triple needle chain stitch on major seams, belt loops sewn into the waistband, and a unique two piece waistband that prevents overstretching.

Besides excellent construction, Railcar has some excellent fits which is why we're not only bringing in their men's, but also their women's raw denim! For a while now we've been looking at bringing back a few fits for ladies who love their denim well-built and girlfriends who are curious about the raw experience, and there couldn't be a better place to start than with Railcar. Expect more for the future!

Blue Owl will be carrying the men's Spikes X012, and the women's Viper X001 and Donna X001. The denim is in production now, and should be here by the end of the month!