Rogue Territory Fall/Winter 2014 Preview!

Today Blue Owl got a sneak peek at Rogue Territory's new Fall/Winter pieces, and we're excited to share them with you! We have pictures of three new items that we're planning on bringing on: a waxed canvas jacket, their chambray jumper shirt, and a new 16.75oz denim.

The waxed canvas jacket is made of a 10oz canvas sourced from Fairfield textiles in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Considering the great fit of the supply jacket we brought in Spring, we're looking forward to seeing the winter version.

The body is lined with a 100% wool blanket from Faribault Mills out of Faribault, Minnesota. The wool is very soft and warm, not scratchy or itchy in the least. We're very pleased with look of this all-American jacket.

The Chambray Jumper Shirt has a great long body style that we think will be a great addition to our shirting collection.

The chambray has a slight hairiness to it due to brushing which gives it a great hand and interesting appearance. As always Rogue includes great construction details like chain stitch runoff.

Finally, we've got their new 16.75oz heavyweight denim! Despite the weight the denim has a great soft unstarched feel to it, while still maintaining that sturdy, durable impression. You can see the irregularity in the weave!