Naked & Famous Fall/Winter 2014 Preview!

Despite fall still being a way down the road, we here at Blue Owl have our eyes on a number of the Naked & Famous Fall/Winter 2014 items and we wanted to share some of our favorites. Once again, Naked & Famous has put out yet another fantastic lineup packed with their trademark innovation and creativity. While you won't be seeing many of these products until July, we wanted to give you an early look at what to expect from one of the most popular denim labels out there.

First up to bat is the 4th generation of the ever-popular Elephant series! The Elephant 4 is a heavy, tough denim weighing in at 22oz. It has an indigo warp and black weft with contrast stitching throughout.

This is one of the more unique pieces this season: A natural indigo dyed warp with kakishibu dyed weft! Kakishibu is the tannin juice of an unripe Japanese persimmon fruit, which is fermented for more than a year before being used for traditional dying methods. The denim is a comfortable 11oz, with clean white selvedge.

Here we have version 2.0 of the popular Pomegranate selvedge! This time N&F chose to use a brown weft while using the same sturdy 14oz denim.

Two new chino colors for the Fall/Winter season: Burgundy and Wine! They're both amazing, vibrant colors that continue the chino tradition of 12oz fabric and clean red selvedge.

Stretch cords in both Skinny and Super Skinny Guy fits! We'll be picking up the amber and burgundy colorways. They're both striking colors that will work perfectly for this soft, 11oz fabric.

Last, but not least, is another crazy-color weft! The 13oz Twisted Candy Weft Selvedge turned out even better than we expected, and is definitely one of our favorite pieces this season.