Tanner Goods Natural Leather Belt - 3 Years of Wear

We've got quite a treat here in the workshop for anyone that loves leather: A Tanner Goods Natural Leather belt that has been worn for more than three years! Our buddy Michael came in wearing this and we were so amazed by the patina that we swapped one of our new belts for his. Michael told us he has worn it almost every day since he bought it, and never applied any oils, left it in the sun, or gave it any treatment of any kind. The leather itself has become incredibly soft and pliable, when placing a new belt side-by-side it's hard to believe they were once the same.

In three years Tanner changed up their hardware quite a bit, but the style remained the same. You can see the dark patina on the leather, and the aging of the buckle and rivets.

Rubbing against the hardware of the belt leaves an impression on the leather. The color change from just daily wear-and-tear is incredible.