Dyed Wefts Part 3: Indigo/Black

The third and final part of our dyed weft series highlights some of the insanely popular Indigo/Black denims. These fabrics are unique in that, in most cases, they feature an indigo warp with a black weft, which creates a unique dark blue hue that stands out in a sea of traditional indigo denim. One of the most popular characteristics of this style of fabric, is the high contrast, electric blue style fading that often comes with them. The following are five of our favorite Indigo/Black denims currently available in our store.

Momotaro 0702

Momotaro’s 0702 model is a 15oz sanforized denim that comes with a super dark pure indigo warp and a black sulphur dyed weft. The denim is a beautiful dark color upon which the signature pink selvedge and interior threading look especially vibrant. The high contrast fading this material provides make it one of Momotaro's best selling denims and one of our personal favorites in the shop.

Momotaro Grand Indigo

This Okayama made denim is a beautiful 15oz sanforized denim in a deep blue indigo with a black sulphur dyed weft. The deep blue warp has a very unique blue/green color that is exclusive to Momotaro. It is in fact the same fabric that we used in our 6th collaboration with Momotaro that was released this past September. This fabric fades extremely well into a beautiful high contrast blue.

This is our favorite fabric from Big John, one of Japan’s original denim labels. The 12oz sanforized denim uses a warp that is originally dyed in indigo prior to being sulphur dyed black. Because of this unique dyeing technique, the denim will not only take on the standard ash grey fading of traditional black denim, but some of the original indigo dye will seep through and give the fading a unique ash grey/indigo color. Another benefit of this dyeing process is the soft touch it applies to the fabric, making it a wonderful alternative to the often stiff and rigid feel of conventional black denim.

3Sixteen’s most popular denim, the Shadow Selvedge, boasts a unique indigo warp and black weft fabric. The signature combination of these two colors results in high contrast electric blue fading over time. The sanforized denim is a solid 14.5oz and is made with fabric straight from the Kuroki Mill in Okayama, Japan. Available in both their Slim Tapered and Slim Straight fits.

Naked & Famous Midnight Selvedge

The Midnight Selvedge is Naked & Famous’ rendition of the indigo warp, black weft combination. Using entirely Japanese materials, this Canadian made denim will fade to an electric blue color similar to the 3Sixteen Shadow Selvedge. Clocking in at 13oz, this denim is the perfect weight for year-round wear. Available in their Weird Guy fit.