Dyed Wefts Part 2: Black/Black

If you prefer darker tones, or you’re just looking for a change, look no further than a true black denim. Black denim has become a staple in the fashion community thanks to it’s uniquely versatile look and function. With so many options on the market, our second part of our Dyed Wefts feature focuses on five of our favorite black dyed wefts and the unique qualities and characteristics of each.  

Rogue Territory Stealth

The Stealth is Rogue Territory’s black/black version of their acclaimed Stanton and SK fits. The Stealth is a 15oz denim made in Los Angeles with materials straight from Okayama. The sulphur dyed weft comes in a charcoal color which gives the denim a clean jet black look with a unique grey texture. Both fits feature a higher rise than other denim on this list and a vintage weave that gives it a unique look and feel. This is a great choice for an American made black denim. 

Japan Blue 0716

Rarely do we see a true black denim from Japan, so if you're looking for something Japanese-made, look no further than Japan Blue's first black denim, the 0716. This beautiful 14oz denim features a sulphur dyed weft/warp in their tight straight fit. This is a very uniform fabric that sports a smooth surface and a very minor amount of slub. The denim also features unique details like a blue interior inseam thread that helps gives what is usually straight black, a slight pop of color.

Naked & Famous Sulphur Dyed Solid Black

This medium weight 14oz denim from Naked & Famous uses Japanese materials which are then cut and sewn in Canada. Their rendition on the solid black also features a sulphur dyed weft that will fade to an ash grey with wear. The fabric is a starchy yet smooth material that will form well to the wearer's body. This denim comes in their universally acclaimed Weird Guy fit and aggressive price point.

United Stock Dry Goods Black/Black

United’s take on the traditional black/black denim is unique in that it comes in at a surprisingly light 9oz. The light weight makes it ideal for anyone in warm climates or those who need to wear the color for work, such as waiters, bartenders, or anyone else in the restaurant industry. Because of the dye used on these jeans, they will not fade nearly as much as the previous examples, making them the perfect choice for a clean, dressier look year round, with the fabric having an almost canvas like material. Available in Narrow and Slight fits.

3Sixteen Solid Black

This 14.5oz model uses a custom made fabric from Okayama that has more of a hairness and slub than some of the aforementioned denim. While it still looks clean enough to be used as a dressier jean, if you look closely, you’ll be able to spot the texture that this unique material sports. The fabric, exclusive to 3Sixteen, is extremely soft and comfortable from day one. The dyed warp/weft will keep it's color extremely well over time, making it another good option for someone who wants minimal fading. Available in 3Sixteen's trademark Slim Tapered (ST) and Straight Leg (SL) fits, which like Rogue Territory's Stealth, contain a higher rise than most of the denim on this list.

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