Dyed Wefts Part 1: Colored Wefts

With the recent release of the Naked & Famous Hand Dyed Weft denim, we here at Blue Owl Workshop thought it was time to talk about some of our other favorite dyed wefts that are currently available on our website. Jeans with colored wefts are a great way of adding color to your wardrobe and can be a great change of pace from the standard white weft that comes with raw denim. Alongside the initial pop of color itself, the colored weft allows for a unique style of fading that’s sure to look incredible with wear. Here are a couple of the styles we currently carry:

This unique denim is a limited run of 175 pairs, 44 of which were shipped exclusively to Blue Owl Workshop. The denim features a hand dyed multi-color weft that was thoroughly dyed in 2-inch segments, that results in a beautiful, eye-catching color.

The process behind the weft is incredible. The tread is unspooled and wrapped around a large object, then dyed by hand in 1-2 inch segments. Once the entire spool of thread has been wrapped and dyed, the thread is re-spooled and used on the shuttle looms. You can literally follow any one thread across the inside of the jean and see it change colors. These jeans are truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, largely because of the uneven look that is a result of the hand dying process. We can’t wait to see what they’ll look like with some wear!

Straight from the Rampuya mills, this Momotaro denim is an extremely unique rustic brown color that is especially vibrant in certain light. This brown weft is a great change of pace from most traditional colors, while still maintaining all the versatility of any traditional indigo denim. One great bonus about the brown weft is that it makes the trademark Momotaro pink selvedge pop when cuffed.    

This dark indigo denim comes complete with an indigo warp and vibrant red weft. These jeans are really the first and only of their kind, with no other North American company producing red wefts to date. Over time, the surface of the jean will fade to a unique white with red accents. These really stand out are when they’re worn cuffed, with the vibrant red weft immediately drawing the eye’s attention.

Naked & Famous Blue Weft

Like the Red Weft, this Naked & Famous dark indigo denim uses a dark blue warp but this time features a royal blue weft. Over time, these jeans will fade to a white with royal blue accents. A great feature of these jeans are how well the two colors of blue compliment each other. The royal blue weft stands out just enough to where it’s noticeably different, but stays more subtle than jeans like the Naked & Famous Red Weft or Hand Dyed.

NEW S/S14! Naked & Famous Green Weft

And lastly, if you've been holding out for a new colored weft then you're in luck! Here's a teaser shot of Naked & Famous' beautiful new green weft that'll be out just in time for S/S14. Stay tuned to our blog for more information over the coming months.