OMNIGOD by Domingo Ltd - Arriving Soon

A few of you may remember three years ago when we introduced Spellbound to the Blue Owl collection. Today we're happy to announce that it's brother, OMNIGOD, will join it in our store. The label is all about a simple concept: Clothing that expresses lifestyle. They create garments that will wear comfortably, with interesting textures, by making the most of materials and methods available. Jay recently had a chance to check out their flagship store in Osaka, you can check out the photos below.

OMNIGOD is one of three labels managed by Domingo Ltd. The label's name was created by rearranging the letters in Domingo. Traditionally OMNIGOD has been their Japan-focused label that makes both men and women's clothing, while Spellbound was created for the men's international market. However, with the changing exchange rate the label has become more accessible. Blue Owl will be carrying denim, shirts, knits, and various accessories. Below is their indigo dye collection.

While the designer teams are different between Spellbound and OMNIGOD, the construction is done in the same factories. This means you'll find the same expert craftsmanship you've come to expect from Japanese products, but in a slightly different fit.

OMNIGOD's signature touch is the orange selvedge line. It can be found on the outseam of the denim, in the placket and vents of the shirts, and in many other clever locations on their clothing. We're very excited to finally be able to offer this superb label to an international market!

A few more photos from their flagship store below: