Old Virginia: The Hill-Side's "Modified Herringbone" Fabric

Our friends Sandy & Emil Corsillo over at The Hill-Side have recently released a video that gives us a peak into the creation of one of their most unique fabrics: the Old Virginia "Modified Herringbone". Combined with a video they made last year showing the weaving process, they offer an amazing look into the process behind the product.

The first video shows us "Old Bob the Weaver" and his amazing 1939 Crompton & Knowles W3 shuttle loom. Bob's family has been weaving in rural Virginia since the 1870's. We follow the story of the yarn as it is woven while Bob demonstrates his expert knowledge of the intricate machine. A very cool insight into the production behind the accessories we carry!

The second, more recent video, follows Sandy and Emil's journey as they travel back to visit Bob at his home once again. Volvo lent them a car and film crew to make the trip, and although they make some detours, we get to see both the weaving of the fabric and the sewing of some ties. The Old Virginia fabric is one of the most unique and interesting we've ever carried, and these videos are definitely worth a look.