Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit: Restocks, New Limited Edition Weird Guy!

Naked & Famous has just hit us up with some fresh Weird Guy Okayama Spirits, and this time the inseams are a length we're really happy with: 37.5 inches! The new production has slightly different measurements from the last one, so be sure to check them all before placing an order. This production was limited to only 50 pairs. If you want to pick one up, do it fast, because Naked and Famous has no more fabric and we won't be able to restock them! Check out the new production here.

On top of the new Weird Guys, we are fully stocked in the Slim Guy fit. Along with the Slim Guys we cleared out the warehouse of their Super Skinny Guys, which doesn't fill up on every size, but we've been able to add a few that we were missing. Check the Slim Guys here, and the Super Skinny Guys here. Below are the details on the denim!

The denim draws inspiration the Japan Heritage line, but takes the concept to a new level. It is produced in the same very small, boutique-like denim mill that specializes in artisan denim. The mill can boast brands such as Samurai and Oni. The amazing slubby, handwoven-like texture of the fabric is among the best of its kind. We're seriously impressed with this new offering from Naked & Famous. While the fabric is unsanforized, it has been hot iron pressed which removes much of the shrinkage. You can expect .25"-.5" in the waist and .5"-.75" in the inseam.

The other details on the jean keep up with the quality of the denim. A 10oz natural vegetable tanned patch on the back makes for a solid compliment which will age along with the jeans. The denim has custom "Naked & Famous" buttons, and custom "JE T'ADORE TOUTE NUE" rivets. The coin pocket sports a selvedge line across the top on the slim guy and a hidden selvedge detail on the weird guy. As always, the denim is sewn in Canada.

The slubby nature of the yarn can be seen in the red and white selvedge. This jean makes for a perfect standard indigo denim for those that want to see more character in the denim.