Naked and Famous "Slow Vintage" Natural Fiber Hoodie

Naked and Famous has released a new version of their Slow Vintage hoodie: one made of a blend of natural fibers. The fabric is made on the same Tsuri Circular Knitting machines from the 1800's as the other Slow Vintage hoodies. The vintage machines knit the fabric very slowly, but this results in a light and soft fabric that has a totally unique characteristic. Naked and Famous "Slow Vintage" Natural Fiber Hoodie. 51% wool, 29% cotton, 20% linen. $245. Fabric made in Wakayama, Japan, sewn in Canada. For more information click here.

The fabric is very fuzzy and soft on the surface, and can only be expected to become more soft. The combination of materials leads to a best-of-both-worlds situation: you get the warmth of wool, the breathability of linen, and the soft comfort of cotton.

We're very happy with the fit on these hoodies. Not only are they made of a comfortable and unique fabric, but they are stylishly slim with great proportions. These hoodies work great on taller guys.
Tsuri circular knitting machines, also known as a vintage loopwheel machines, were originally used in the early 1800's by Italian and French garment manufactures. Similar to the vintage denim shuttle looms abandoned by USA garment manufactures in the early 1900's, tsuri circular knitting machines were also abandoned and sold to make way to more modern mass production machinery. By 1910, Italian and French manufactures began selling their equipment, many of which purchased by Japanese factories. Only a few vintage tsuri circular knitting machines are still being used today as Japanese artisans continue the traditions of quality make with the use of these machines once thought of as being obsolete.

In Wakayama, one factory owns 100 of these precious machines and 50 still operate. Over the years, the factory's artisans made adjustments to the machines allowing them to knit heavier fabrics suitable for modern sportswear such as sweatshirts, parkas, and other knits. The machines take up to 1 hour to make only a meter of fabric, in fact, they move so slow that they can be stopped by hand and thus very labor consuming. This slow operating technique, "slow vintage" as referred by the Wakayama artisans, produces a fabric with far less tension in the yarn resulting in an incredible soft feel that cannot be replicated on modern day equipment.