Denim Fades: Big John KURO2 Black/Indigo Fabric

Heres a second to our Big John fades: the KURO2 denim! The KURO2 is a 12oz sanforized selvedge made in Japan replica of a Cone Mills denim used in Big John's 1969 collection, "ROAD COLORS". Unlike regular black denim, the warp yarn is dyed indigo before it is dyed black in sulphur. They also use a special dye on the weft yarn so that the warp and weft fade together. Normally black denim can be stiff and uncomfortable, but these dying methods enable the fabric to be softer and more supple than conventional black denim.

The pictures Big John has sent us are from a pair that has been worn about three times a week for 8 months and washed once. The fabric remains black for a long while before beginning to fade.

The unison fading of the warp and weft can best be seen in this photo of the coin pocket. In a normal sulphur dyed weft the weft threads would remain black. Looking closely you can see the warp threads that peak above also fading white.

This shot of the patch and belt loop shows an unexpected characteristic of the yarn. The fabric was expected to become very soft quickly, but the fuzzy texture is an aspect we didn't foresee.

The back of the jeans show a simple wallet fade and some nice distress on the protruding parts of the seat.

The KURO2 denim is another unique fabric from Big John we've been really impressed with. Their combination of a strong denim history and creative, simple fabrics have made them one of our current favorites.

Big John "Slim Tapered" KURO2 12oz Selvedge Denim in Black/Indigo. 100% cotton, made in Japan. Sizes 28-34, 36. $200. For more information and pictures, check it out on our online site here.