Momotaro "Tapered" West Point Selvedge Chino - Model 0302SP

Momotaro is coming at us again with another amazing fabric. Their West Point chino fabric is lightweight and feels amazing to the touch, very smooth and consistent across the whole piece. With the new chino Momotaro is also introducing a new fit, the simple "Tapered". This fit is relaxed in the thighs, and then tapers down to a reasonably slim knee opening. From the knee it tapers a bit more down to the leg opening. As we've come to expect with Momotaro, the construction and details are absolutely world-class.

Momotaro"Tapered" West Point Selvedge Chino - Model 0302SP. 100% cotton. Sizes 28-34, 36. Made in Japan. $265. For more information on the Momotaro West Point Chino, click here.

Sheep skin leather patch with Momotaro's traditional design, including model number and size.

Hidden selvedge peaks out from behind the coin pocket. Other hidden details, such as back pocket rivets are what separates Momotaro from the rest.

Custom made buttons with a new peaches and laurel design.

Selvedge is an amazing silver color that compliments the chino perfectly.