Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" 13oz Hand Dyed Weft - Limited Edition

The latest of Naked & Famous' secret weapons just hit our store, and this one is going to blow your mind. A multi-color weft that is, every thread, painstakingly hand dyed. We had a chance to talk with the crazy guys who came up with this, and here's how its done: The thread is wrapped around a large, flat surface and bunched up to create an almost solid, faux surface of thread. Once the entire spool is wrapped, the thread is dyed in small 2-3 inch strips horizontally across the surface. Once all of the tread is dyed, it is re-spooled an sent to be used on the shuttle looms. Because of this unique dying process if you follow any one thread across the inside of the jean you can see it change colors multiple times!
Like all Naked & Famous denim, the fabric is milled in Japan and the jeans are sewn in Canada. A limited production of only 175 pairs of this denim were made, and we've got all 44 that were shipped to the United States. Its a truly limited edition run of a beautiful, unique fabric, and we're pumped to see how they will evolve once worn.
Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" 13oz Hand Dyed Weft Limited Edition. 100% cotton. Made in Canada. Sizes 28-34, 36. $245. For more information on the N&F weird guy hand dyed weft, click here.
The weft is a subtle, yet striking detail on the surface of the denim.
The multi-color yarn can even be spotted in the selvedge.