Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" 11oz Selvedge Duck Canvas in Indigo

 The Weird Guy fit of the indigo duck canvas has arrived at our online store! This fabric combines the very cool Naked & Famous duck fabric, which has been one of the most popular they've ever produced, and a rich, beautiful indigo color. The duck fabric is perfect for those who want a bit of variation from chinos and denim.
 You can see some of the cool color variations in the fabric in this leather-patch shot. As with all Naked & Famous denim, it has a unique character.
Red and white 11oz selvedge fabric made on shuttle looms in Japan.
Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" 11oz selvedge duck in indigo. 100% cotton. Made in Canada. Sizes 28-34, 36. $145. For more information on the Naked & Famous weird guy selvedge duck in indigo, click here.