Naked & Famous Spring/Summer 2014 Preview Part 2: New Shirts!

Here we are with part two of our Naked & Famous Spring/Summer preview, this time with some awesome new shirts. The new patterns that we're getting this year look great in photos, and even better in person. The Naked & Famous shirting just gets better and better every season, these being some of the coolest patterns and best price points we've seen. The shirts are all nice, lightweight fabrics that will be both comfortable and eye catching for the sunny seasons.
Kimono Print # Motif. 6oz fabric with cool, vintage kimono detail. A beautiful, season-less pattern at an amazing price point. Regular Shirt.
Kimono Print Flower. 6oz fabric with a vibrant, modern kimono print. Astounding, bright pattern for only $115. Regular Shirt.
Brushed Twill Pale Blue. 5oz fabric in another great, season-less color. Regular Shirt.
Charcoal Air Twill. 4oz fabric that has been one of our most popular. Very breathable, light, and soft. Regular Shirt.