Naked & Famous Spring/Summer 2014 Preview Part 1: New Denim!

As our summer in Seattle fades away to grey skies and rain, over here at Blue Owl we have a sneak peak at Naked & Famous' new fabrics that we're happy to share. Their collection for this coming year is another case of their ingenuity and bold creativity that we've all come to expect. Here are a couple of our favorites that we're excited to carry for this Spring, first delivery expected in early December:
Deep Indigo Stretch Selvedge. Very soft, comfy, 11.5oz fabric that is stretchy while retaining the selvedge detail and strong contrast fading (similar to the 100% cotton deep indigo). Super Skinny Guy, Skinny Guy, and Weird Guy.
Red Stretch Selvedge. Very bright, vibrant color that is perfect for sunny months. Super Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.
White/Black Selvedge. A white warp with black weft selvedge denim that gives an amazing and unique look. The fabric has a grey speckle to it that hides dirt making it easier to wear than a standard all-white denim. Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.
Charcoal Selvedge. Charcoal warp with a white weft for a very cool grey we've never seen before. Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.
Lightweight Natural Indigo Selvedge. A light summery denim with a beautiful vintage color. Same fabric as the current 10oz Lightweight Selvedge, but in a natural indigo color. Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.
Heavy Soft Selvedge. A nice, heavy, 19oz denim that is very soft and comfortable on the inside. However, don't let "soft" fool you, the fabric is still very stiff! This heavy fabric will fade incredibly, and will most likely be our most popular of the coming collection. Skinny Guy, Weird Guy, and Slim Guy.
Wax Coated Selvedge. Regular 12.5oz indigo denim with a shiny wax coating. The wax coating will fade from a gloss to a matte over time. Skinny Guy and Weird Guy.
Green Weft Selvedge. Indigo warp with a green weft that creates a cool sea foam color on the surface. Yet another denim to add to Naked & Famous' colored wefts collection! Weird Guy.