Naked & Famous "Skinny Guy" 11oz Selvedge Duck Canvas in Indigo

Naked & Famous Ducks have taken a new turn for this season: Now offered in a rich indigo color. The duck canvas fabric has been one of the most popular that Naked & Famous ever worked with, and we're excited to finally have more options. The duck canvas is a great weight for wear any time of the year, with the indigo being slightly heavier than the brown at 11oz. Its a great compliment to any wardrobe, and a good change of pace from denim and chinos. Right now only the Skinny Guy fit is available, but we expect the Weird Guy by the first week of October.
Naked & Famous "Skinny Guy" 11oz selvedge duck in indigo. 100% cotton. Made in Canada. Sizes 28-34, 36. $145. For more information on the Naked & Famous skinny guy selvedge duck in indigo, click here.
Red and white accent selvedge fabric made on vintage shuttle looms in Japan.