Introducing Canada Goose

Blue Owl Workshop is proud to announce the introduction of Canada Goose to our collection. Canada Goose has for decades produced the highest quality cold weather outerwear in the world. Their warmest jackets are rated for -70C, and are standard issue for researchers in Antarctica. Over the past decade they have begun to branch into more stylish and fashion focused pieces, receiving huge popularity not only in the urban public worldwide, but also with movie stars and athletes alike. Combining their knowledge and experience of world-class design and manufacturing Canada Goose produces some of the sleekest, highest quality jackets we've ever seen.
Canada Goose began in 1957 as Metro Sportsware, a producer of raincoats, snowmobile suits, and other functional outerwear pieces. In 1972 the founder's son-in-law David Reiss joined the company and, with his direction, invented a new machine for filling garments with down. At this point they operated mostly on a made-to-order model, creating parkas for Canadian Rangers, police departments, and municipal workers. In the late 70's and 80's they expanded their down parka business, shipping across North America and opening accounts in Europe. They changed their name to Canada Goose to reflect the material used inside. In 1997 Dani Reiss, David Reiss' son, took the reigns of the company. Under his direction the company has grown into the fashion icon it has become today, expanding their workforce more than tenfold to keep up with production.
The materials used by Canada Goose are without a doubt the highest quality in the world. With over 40 years of leading the industry, their understanding of down insulation allows them to select the best blend for each jacket's specific requirements. All of their down is sourced from rural Canadian Hutterite farmers who keep only small flocks of geese, allowing them to mature before plucking them. This well-kept, mature down is higher volume, creating more pockets where warm air is trapped. Their goose down has been rated three times warmer than the warmest synthetic materials. All of their fur jackets use real, humanely trapped, coyote fur. Canada Goose uses fur not as a fashion statement, but for its protective properties. The real fur protects from frostbite by disrupting airflow and creating turbulent, warm air around the face. These jackets have provided warmth and comfort for icons such as Lance Mackey during his multiple wins at the thousand mile Iditarod, and adventurers like Ray Zahab during his record on-foot trek to the south pole. However, while the same quality of thought and design goes into everything they make, not all of their jackets are designed for such extreme conditions. 
Recently Canada Goose has started the Branta line, a selectively produced, intelligently designed, premium quality fashion branch. The warm, stylish jackets have quickly become some of the most highly sought-after outerwear in the world, often spotted on celebrities such as Matt Damon, Emma Stone, and Jessica Alba. The high-tech pieces have been described as as the equivalent of mixing NASCAR and Italian fashion: sleek, top-of-the-line, and timeless quality. Here at Blue Owl we're excited to be offering this fashion-foward, yet highly functional line to our customers.