Momotaro x Blue Owl "Deep Indigo" 15.7oz Type 2 Denim Jacket - Model BOM007

Our most ambitious collaboration with Momotaro to date has finally come to fruition, and we're excited to have the sample in our hands, hot off the sewing machine, ready to share with you. In this project we've aimed to create the ultimate raw denim jacket. Using a sanforized version of our custom BOM003 "Deep Indigo" 15.7oz fabric, with an indigo warp and black weft, the jacket has a hefty, sturdy weight to it.
 Every button on the jacket is custom engraved with the Momotaro logo and brushed with a nickel finish. The button holes are expertly sewn with matching indigo thread.
 The jacket is based off the same pattern as the current Momotaro jacket, the 2105SP, so expect similar measurements. The pleated front allows for chest flexibility while still keeping the jacket sleek and slim.
 A small Momotaro tab is sewn into the pocket in traditional Levi style.
Contrast Momotaro pink stitching is hidden behind the pocket flap. The pockets are lined with hickory stripe chambray.
 Pink selvedge runs along the inside on both sides of the jacket from the base to the collar.
 Unique to Blue Owl, a kangaroo leather patch with the traditional collaboration logo. The pink stitching runs down the whole front of the jacket, revealed only when the jacket is unbuttoned.
 The pleats in the back provide the same utility as those in the front, keeping the jacket slim while giving the jacket a lot of flexibility. Keeping true to the Type 2 design, a button waist adjuster is included.
 The cuffs have custom engraved copper rivets spelling out the abbreviations MJ & CO - OK -
Momotaro Jeans & Company, Okayama.
 Here are Jay's BOM003 with 7 months of wear and one wash up against the brand new jacket. We can see the fading on this jacket will be astounding.
One last shot comparing the fades on the leg of Jay's jeans to the arm of the jacket. You can see how the fabrics have the same color where fading hasn't occurred. We can't wait to see how this jacket will evolve. We expect the jacket to be available mid November.