Momotaro "Going to Battle" 15.7oz Denim Jacket Model 2105SP - - Restocked!

The Momotaro "Going to Battle" denim jacket has become one of our store favorites. It runs slim in the arms and body and length hits just below the belt which is the ideal fit for a denim jacket.  We first introduced the "going to battle" denim jacket in fall 2011 and we are excited to have it available once again, just in time for fall!

Momotaro "Going to Battle" 15.7oz denim jacket model 2105SP. 100% Zimbabwe cotton. Sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, 44.  Made in Japan. $410. Fro more information on the Momotaro "Going to Battle" denim jacket, click here.

The fabric is custom designed by Rampuya exclusively for the Momotaro label. It is a deep blue natural indigo 15.7oz selvedge using super-dense 6s yarn Zimbabwe cotton. The fabric has been soaked in sea water from the Okayama coast, thus it is pre-shrunk and ready-to-wear. This is the identical fabric used on the Momotaro 0705sp denim and also in the Vintage Label denim line.

The "Going to Battle" stripes are a symbol of Japanese tradition representing honor and strength. The warrior stripes have been used in many contexts in Japanese history and culture. One of the most well known associations is from the Japanese folklore story of "Momotaro" who carried a flag with two white stripes as he left to battle a band of marauding Oni (ogres) on a distant island who terrorized the region.

Deer skin patch.

Custom engraved buttons featuring the Momotaro peach.

Single button cuff, copper rivets.

Pink selvedge details can be seen along the interior placket. The pink selvedge is one of the common features of Momotaro denim. The pink (peach) color has come to represent both the region of Okayama (which is known for peaches) and the peach from the Japanese folklore store of "Momotaro".

The jacket has a modern fit which is slim in the arms and throughout the body. The above photo shows the "Going to Battle" jacket and matching denim.