Denim Fades: Momotaro Grand Indigo Fabric

Our new collaboration with Momotaro, the BOM006 "Stealth Warrior", will be using their famous Grand Indigo fabric. The Grand Indigo uses a rich, deep, natural indigo dye on the warp and sulphur dyed black on the weft. Of course, with the hidden battle stripes, the big question is: How will it fade? Here we have a pair of Jay's Momotaro ER007-2B's, the tight straight Grand Indigo that is currently offered. This particular pair has more than 18 months of wear, and four washes. The pictures speak for themselves, showing an amazing transformation from a deep sea blue to vintage fade.
In this front shot you can see the amazing contrast in the whiskers and the wrap around of the honeycombs around the knees. The deep black of the sulphur weft is still visible in the cuff.
The back shot shows the honeycombs and phone fade in the back pocket. BOM006's battle stripes will fade in just like Jay's phone did. Pictures really can't accurately represent the amazing color and contrast Jay's jeans have taken on.
The BOM006 will be available in August, but if you can't wait to get started on your Grand Indigo fabric the ER007-2B tight straight is in stock now. For more information about this amazing denim, click here.