Momotaro x Blue Owl "Stealth Warrior" 15oz Grand Indigo Raw Selvedge - Model BOM006

Our 6th collaboration with Momotaro is in the works, and it is quite a treat this time. BOM006 uses Momotaro's incredible Grand Indigo fabric with a deep blue, pure indigo warp and sulphur dyed weft. Made with 100% Zimbabwe cotton, the Grand Indigo fabric is known for its ridiculous electric blue fading which occurs naturally from the loss of indigo due to Momotaro's unique recipe. This is where the stealth comes in; look closely at the back pocket:
Both pockets are fully lined, but small leather strips are sewn into the right back pocket, outlining the iconic battle stripes. As the denim is worn the battle stripes will fade into the pocket in a beautiful, natural indigo. The collaboration also includes the unique and exotic detail of a kangaroo leather patch.
As with all Momotaro jeans the fabric, buttons, rivets, and construction are world class.
Hidden pocket selvedge
Custom copper buttons, copper rivets, and chambray pocket bag
Red selvedge and contrast chain stitch
We love the new collaboration so much we couldn't decide whether to make it in a skinny or tapered fit, so both will be available! 100 pairs between the two fits have just entered production, so expect it to be available near the first week of August.