Denim Fades: Naked & Famous "Dirty Fade" (5 Months, 1 Wash)

We've recieved a lot of questions about the fade of the Dirty Fade denim since its release. Thanks to Naked and Famous' sales manager, Even, we finally have some pictures! Here is his Weird Guy Dirty Fade after just five months and one wash. The warp yarn of the Dirty Fade is beige instead of white, which can be seen where the indigo has really come off.

Whiskers and honeycombs wrapping around the knee

Wallet and crotch fade visible in this shot

Check out the tan color on the corner of the phone fade!
Strong contrast in the knee

Here are the jeans before any wear. A dramatic change for such a short time!

Naked and Famous "Weird Guy" Dirty Fade 14.5oz Indigo Selvedge. Rope dyed using brown/beige warp yarn. Made in Canada. $158. For more information on the Dirty Fade denim click here. Currently stocking all sizes!