Introducing Rogue Territory

Blue Owl Workshop is excited to announce the introduction of a new label to our collection: Rogue Territory. The Los Angeles based brand is focused on handcrafted goods with true craftsmanship and authenticity. Karl Thoennessen, the brand's founder, began in 2007 creating custom jeans, doing hems and other alterations. During this time he tirelessly worked and reworked his own patterns, trying to make the perfect pair of jeans and develop his own aesthetic. In 2009 he launched Rogue Territory as a collection. Rogue from the American 50's and 60's rebel spirit that began his love for denim, and Territory from the creases, stains, and holes in your jeans that tell the story of your life. As he says, "You create it, you own it, it's your territory. Every pair of jeans is...like your own uncharted territory."
Rogue Territory's design is built upon functional and subtle details. They focus on careful construction to offer superior quality, with concentration on fit, materials and an understated, timeless style. Their slogan, "KEEP THE TRADE ALIVE" is their way of supporting a revival of the focus, passion, and desire for making things by hand. The slogan is their way of paying homage to skilled artisans of the past, present and future. To Karl, made in the USA is about building sustainable relationships and making connections in the community.
The details such as embroidered back pockets, selvedge coin pocket and fly, a pen pocket, and the custom buttons and leather patch all come together to create a truly beautiful pair of jeans. Blue Owl Workshop will be offering their signature six pocket design in their SK (skinny) and Stanton (slim straight) fits, in various fabrics. First shipment will be arriving early June. Keep your eyes open for more detains soon.