Denim Fades: Momotaro x Blue Owl "Deep Indigo" (9 Months, 1 Wash)

Today we bring you another pair of fades from the Blue Owl offices, this time featuring Jay's Momotaro x Blue Owl "Deep Indigos" (BOM003).

Jay's denim faded remarkably well after just 9 months of everyday wear and one wash, with particularly high contrast fades in the knee area and front pockets. Check them out!


 Front pockets.
The details on the knees came out great! As you can see, the combs wrap all the way around to the front.
Back pocket and patch.
 The back combs.

Momotaro x Blue Owl "Deep Indigo" Skinny Straight 15.7oz Raw Selvedge - Model BOM003. 100% Zimbabwe cotton. Sizes 36. Made in Japan. $295. For more information on the Momotaro x Blue Owl 15.7oz "deep indigo" skinny straight denim, click here.

While we currently only stock size 36 in the BOM003, similar fades can be achieved with the Momotaro 0702 which uses the same cotton and same indigo dye:

Momotaro Deep Indigo 15oz "tight straight" raw selvedge denim. Model number 0702. Zimbabwe cotton. 100% natural cotton thread. Sizes 28-34, 36. Made in Japan. $295. For more information on the Momotaro Deep Indigo selvedge denim, click here.